Thoughts of Niklas Nikolajsen (2/2)

niklas nikolajsen

The end of 2013 was such a hype 2013. it’s also Bitcoin go from, yeah, $15 to $1,000. And then 2014 and 2015. You saw the big correction, sending Bitcoin down to a low of $180. And then Bitcoin started picking up again, you had a full year of Bitcoin at around $500. And it came back to 1000. And then it went to 20,000, at the end of 17.

And then in 18, you saw the big correction, and it sent Bitcoin all the way down to $3,800. And then it picked up and here we are today on the nice slope towards the next time, we are not in the bubble yet, but one day, we will be there, it’s very easy to see when we are there, within a few months, it’s an expectation that Bitcoin is rising pre under $500 a day, then it will be $1,000 a day and prove at the end of the high, probably five, seven or $10,000 a day. When we look at these cycles, you will see that it is very, very common that Bitcoin over a short time does a 20 X a short time like a year, or a year and a half 2030 or even 40 x from from the base, let’s say we have 220 dollars, after 2017, they became $1,000. That’s a 50 x.

Afterwards, in the large correction, you get back to between five and 10 times before the large, large bubble, so you never go back below. Before the bubble started, you end on a much higher level. And then again in 2017, the real hype started from thousand dollars up to 20. So it did in 2006 and then the collapse to get back to 3800. So we ended at four or five times before the end, I predict we will see the same again, each cycle that has happened in Bitcoin and has been like five or six of these since Bitcoin are slightly less than the previous cycle, and the correction is slightly less bad.

So let’s assume that the next cycle is going to take us off at a factor of eight to 10. From today, so around 80,000 $100,000. And then it’s going to send us back to 345 times before the start. So back to another 2535 maybe 45. That is what I predict. And I predicted from looking at the past. However, if Bitcoin is to find a role as a store of value, or a means of transaction, in any notable fashion, then you can start playing around with some really funny numbers. What’s going to happen when you start $10 trillion into a limited 20 million coin supply, right and you get some really interesting numbers. And I’m absolutely confident that some of these examples will materialize one day so so I put a small part of my personal savings into bitcoin and I advise everyone else to do the same

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